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?:2017???????????,????????????? Guide : 2017 is busy in the past without knowing it, and it will be a new year for us. In 2017, the performance of the food machinery and equipment network reached a new high, and its steps have gone further and further, and it has entered the next new round of growth over 12 years. We believe that honest management and hard work will surely win customer affirmation; we insist on professionalism and dedication to win respect in the industry. In 2018, the Food Machinery Equipment Network still has new tasks and new responsibilities, urging us to move forward, we dare not slack off, we have been on the road.
China Fruit and Vegetable Processing Industry Innovation Development Forum

On June 2, 2017, the China Fruits and Vegetables Processing Industry Innovation and Development Forum was grandly held at the Sheraton Yinzhou Ganghui Hotel. The forum takes "innovation-driven, leading the future" as the theme, bringing together fruits and vegetables [processing] + [packaging] + [cold chain] + [quality management] upstream and downstream service companies in the entire industry chain, aiming to build the exchange of scientific and technological achievements in the industry and share innovation experiences The outstanding platform promotes the healthy and vigorous development of China's fruit and vegetable processing industry market. At the forum, Chu Yufeng, chairman of the China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association, delivered an important speech, emphasizing that the fruit and vegetable processing industry is an industry with obvious comparative advantages and international competitiveness in China's agricultural product processing industry, and also a key area of development of China's food industry. ? Details ?


The 2nd China Food Industry Internet Summit

The 2nd China Food Industry Internet Summit was held on September 13th at the Three Kings Wellsley Hotel in Changsha, Hunan. Food Machinery Equipment Network participated in the meeting as a media support unit and made live reports. The summit covered hot topics such as industrial robots, food intelligent equipment, MES, PLM, artificial intelligence applications, big data analysis and marketing, food safety traceability, intelligent supply chain, and other international organizations, government regulatory agencies, industry experts, and well-known enterprises. Representatives, experts from various fields such as universities and research institutes will jointly discuss, display and exchange technology application and development trends in the field of Internet in China's food industry. ? Details ?


The 27th Annual Meeting of the China Food Machinery Association and the 7th Asian Food Equipment Forum

From December 17th to 19th, 2017, China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association held the 27th Annual Meeting of the China Food Machinery Association and the 7th Asian Food Equipment Forum at Kaiyuan Mingdu Hotel, Huaian City, Jiangsu. At this meeting, the participating experts published more than a dozen of "Intelligent Manufacturing to Promote the Transformation and Upgrade of China's Manufacturing Industry", "The Development Status of Korean Packaging Machinery", "The Development Trend of Japanese Food Machinery Intelligent Manufacturing", "How the Food Industry Uses SAP to Win the Digital Transformation" Keynote speech in the field of food machinery. ?? ? ? Details ?

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2017???????????50??????????,??????21?? Food Machinery Industry Exhibition : In 2017, the Food Machinery Equipment Network reached in-depth cooperation with more than 50 exhibitions in the industry, of which 21 participated in the exhibition. From March to December, I visited 11 cities across Beijing, Qingdao, Zhucheng, Huaian, Luzhou, Changsha, Shanghai, Nanjing, Taiyuan, Boxing and Zhangjiagang. Through the food machinery industry exhibitions across the country, the food machinery equipment network has grown rapidly, raising the popularity of the website, and has cooperated with industry leaders such as Adsale, Munich Exhibition, Dusseldorf Exhibition, and Bohua, as well as packaging associations and beverage industry associations. Industry associations such as the Meat Industry Association have established good cooperative relations.
"?????"????????,?????,????,????????? Entering the Enterprise · Brand Miles : The "Brand Miles" activity aims to enter the enterprise, communicate face to face, deepen the industry, and understand the food machinery market. Since its launch in 2014, the Wanlixing column of the Food Machinery Equipment Network brand has left footprints in Wenzhou, Qingdao, Zhucheng, Boxing, Zhangjiagang and other places. It has visited hundreds of food machinery companies and exchanged face-to-face network promotion experiences to provide enterprises with Come to suit your own propaganda methods.

  • 2017 "Food Machinery Enterprise Compilation" Annual

    Gathering more than 2,000 outstanding food machinery companies nationwide, the directory section compiles data of nearly 2000 food machinery companies by category, covering important information such as the main business direction and brand highlights, and will facilitate the procurement of food companies to meet demand.

  • "Food Machinery" Electronic Monthly

    "Food Machinery" electronic monthly magazine is launched in response to market demand, and presents key monthly contents from information, exhibitions and other aspects.

  • "Food Machinery" Exhibition Report

    "Food Machinery" exhibition report was officially released in 2006, covering four to eight editions of the layout, including real-time exhibition information, corporate hotspot information (including hot new products, hot technologies, etc.), food machinery product procurement recommendations, brand interviews, etc. .

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APP (foodjx) contains five major sections: information, business, hand-shot, circle of friends, and personal center. Look at the industry information to understand the industry's new things; Buying information, product introductions, company details, business full grasp; the industry around you can easily publish to the circle of friends and share with everyone; the personal center can put their own orders, member accounts, favorites Centralized information management. [ Read more ]
?????????????App "Foodjx" App: an app that belongs to the food machinery industry
2018 exhibition plan
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